JerryRigEverything iPad Pro M4 durability test

  • Apple explicitly stated during the Let Loose event that, despite being thinner than its predecessor, the iPad Pro M4 isn’t less durable.
  • Zack Nelson (JerryRigEverything) found breaking the iPad Pro M4 extremely challenging when bending it horizontally with his bare hands.
  • While the iPad Pro M4 may slightly bend after months of active use, that isn’t out of the ordinary, and it likely won’t be noticeable.

Ever since the iPhone 6’s infamous Bendgate, people have expressed skepticism whenever Apple launches a slim device. The case with the iPad Pro M4 is no different, especially since it’s the company’s thinnest device yet. Well, for those of you wondering, no, the iPad Pro M4 won’t introduce Bendgate 2.0, and — with regular use — the tablet shouldn’t snap in half.

The first assurance came from Apple directly during its Let Loose iPad launch event. When the company announced that the iPad Pro M4 is its thinnest product ever, it also highlighted that the design change doesn’t make it any less durable than its predecessor. That’s because Apple tweaked the internal structure and the materials used for the chassis.