rabbit r1 home screen on table

Credit: Ryan Haines / Android Authority
  • A trio of developers have claimed that the Rabbit R1 isn’t really powered by a so-called Large Action Model (LAM).
  • This contradicts Rabbit’s claims that it’s using an AI model on its servers to facilitate interactions on the gadget.
  • The developers also got Doom and Minecraft running on the Rabbit R1’s servers.

We’ve uncovered some pretty interesting information about the Rabbit R1 in recent days, such as the fact that it’s actually an Android app that can run on a standard Android phone. We were also able to confirm that the AI gadget runs Android.

Now, software developers @xyz3va, @schlizzawg, and @MarcelD505 have dug into the servers powering the Rabbit R1. One of the key findings is that the servers running the AI gadget’s interactions apparently aren’t running a Large Action Model (LAM) as previously claimed.