rabbit r1 sim tray and usb port

Credit: Ryan Haines / Android Authority
  • We now have evidence proving the Rabbit R1 is running Android 13.
  • This means the device could run other Android apps outside of the “Rabbit OS” app that currently controls the R1.
  • The weak processor in the R1, though, would prevent it from doing much.

Yesterday, we broke the news that the software that allows you to control the AI-first Rabbit R1 device is actually just an Android APK — essentially a proprietary launcher. We even showed you the app running on a Pixel with minimal hacking necessary to get it on there. This heavily suggested that the Rabbit R1 is just an Android device running some form of AOSP, but we couldn’t fully prove it at the time.

Today, though, we can confirm that the R1 is specifically running Android 13, the 2022 version of the operating system. We obtained this from Mishaal Rahman, a frequent contributor to Android Authority. Rahman posted the confirmation on his various social channels: