google pixel tablet case back

Credit: Rita El Khoury / Android Authority

I know cases. Over the last 20 or so years of my phone-owning journey, I’ve bought and used more than 150 phone cases, easy, and figured out what works for me and what I like. Tablet cases, however, have always stumped me because I’ve struggled to find a balance between protection and usability. The official Google case for the Pixel Tablet changed all of that and it’s all due to one element: that kickstand design.

Google Pixel Tablet Case
  • Multi-purpose kickstand
  • Compatible with the charging dock
A new angle on protection

The Google Pixel Tablet case is the first official cover for the Google Pixel Tablet. The case has a metal ring kickstand that folds and deploys at any angle from zero to 180 degrees, and fits perfectly around the Tablet’s speaker dock. It has well aligned openings for all speakers, microphones, and the power button’s integrated fingerprint reader.

Google Pixel Tablet
  • Large screen
  • Doubles up as a smart display
  • Included dock

The Pixel Tablet is a 10.95-inch slate with Tensor G2-powered features that doubles up as a Nest Hub smart display/speaker when placed in the Charging Speaker Dock.

At a glance, the Pixel Tablet case’s kickstand looks so simple. A metallic ring that swivels back and forth — that’s all there is to it. So what makes it so special?