Homey Pro 2023

Credit: Homey
  • The 2023 Homey Pro is available for pre-order now.
  • This new model aims to be the one smart home hub to rule them all, with pretty much every feature one could want.
  • You can even use the optional Homey Bridge devices to extend your mesh network and use infrared in each room of your house.

Smart homes are way too complicated. Zigbee, Z-Wave, infrared, and other standards force you to use multiple hubs (and apps) throughout your home to control your various devices. Matter and Thread are going to make things easier for sure, but what do you do if you want things to be as simple as possible?

Enter the new Homey Pro. This 2023 update of the original model from 2019 is pretty much an all-in-one dream machine for smart home owners. It supports Zigbee, Z-Wave, Matter, Thread, infrared, and more. It integrates all your smart home products into one app. You don’t need to worry about internet outages because it processes everything locally. It even has some sweet RGB lighting!