A child wearing a Fitbit Ace LTE hangs from a piece of playground equipment.

Credit: Fitbit
  • Fitbit announced the Fitbit Ace LTE, a connected smartwatch designed for kids seven and older.
  • The device features 3D games, virtual friends, and collectible bands to help motivate young users to stay active, plus connectivity for parents, including location tracking.
  • The Fitbit Ace LTE is listed at $229.99 and is available for preorder starting May 29, with general availability starting June 5.


Today, Fitbit announced its newest smartwatch for kids, the Fitbit Ace LTE, offering little ones motivation and independence while also providing parents the comfort of connectivity. As expected, the device features a handful of useful tracking tools and a gamified experience to help kids stay active. However, it also boasts LTE support for phone calls, messaging, and location tracking.