cync smart camera

Credit: GE Lighting
  • The GE Cync products that already exist on store shelves are not scheduled to get a retroactive upgrade to Matter.
  • Instead, GE will release new versions of older products with Matter support and discontinue production of older, non-Matter versions.
  • Select new Cync products will receive Matter support going forward.

In the smart home industry, all eyes are on Matter, the new “one platform to rule them all” standard. At CES 2023, every smart home manufacturer has plenty to say about Matter in relation to their products. Unfortunately, one company didn’t have good news for folks who have already invested in its platform.

During CES, GE confirmed that it has no plans to upgrade its existing Cync products with retroactive Matter support through a software update. Essentially, this means smart home users who already own a Cync product will not see Matter on that product.