Like many other experts, it’s our opinion that the best Android tablet that you can buy is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra. The powerhouse of a slate is king of its own ecosystem and is well-matched against the iconic Apple iPad Pro. The main issue is affording it, with the base model of the device starting at $1,199.99 in the US, before tax. But if we were to tell you that America isn’t the cheapest place in the world to buy the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra, you might be interested to find out where it’s better value. We’ve done the digging and found out.

Not only might you be able to find a country with a better retail price for the Tab S9 Ultra, but you might also be able to save on the tax. You only pay the substantial sales tax on the tablet in the US because you live there. Tourists can often avoid this extra charge or claim it back before leaving. If that feels unfair, know that it works both ways — you can do the same in many other countries. We’ll look at the global price of the tablet from this perspective.