Microsoft’s Surface Studio 2 Plus takes all-in-one PCs to the next level. Creatives can effortlessly switch between desktop and studio modes to best suit their work style while enjoying the enhanced graphics and processing capabilities it delivers. But this all comes at a hefty price. If you’re buying it in America, the starting price is $4,500, which gets bumped up nearer to $5,000 once you factor in sales tax. However, since it has a different retail price in every country, we wondered where’s the cheapest place to buy the Surface Studio 2 Plus. We’ve done the research to find out.

While you get hit hard by that sales tax on such a large purchase in the US, you might be able to flip this to your advantage when you’re abroad. As in many other countries, this sales tax is only levied on residents, with visitors to the nation either able to claim it back or avoid it altogether. Should you happen to be a tourist in a different country, it’s possible you might be able to not only buy the Microsoft Surface device at a lower price, but also make it cheaper still by swerving the tax. This is worth bearing in mind as we dive into the numbers below.