In our review of the 2023 MacBook Pro, we described it in the headline as rapidly approaching perfection. It’s undoubtedly a state-of-the-art laptop, but it has an eye-watering price tag compared to alternative laptops. At $1,999 for even the cheapest variant, you may feel it’s beyond your budget. But what if you could get it for significantly less in another part of the world? We’ve looked into the cheapest place to buy a MacBook Pro.

We’ll only be looking at the base model prices of the most recent MacBook Pro for the purposes of this comparison. That means the 14- and 16-inch devices with the M2 Pro chip, 512GB storage, and 16- or 19-core GPU. To perform the comparison on other variants of this device and even other MacBook models would be very taxing on your valuable time. And, in any event, the general trend is that the cheaper countries for one model of the MacBook Pro are similarly ranked on the price scale for the others.