The Mac Studio sits between the Mac Mini and Mac Pro in Apple’s desktop computer lineup in terms of size and performance. That doesn’t mean there’s anything average about it — it’s still a phenomenally powerful machine in a compact package. But this premium device comes at a meaty price, starting at $1,999 before tax in the USA. You might be aware that it has a different retail price in every country, which begs the question as to whether you might be able to find it for less abroad. We’ll help you answer that question with our rundown of the cheapest places to buy the Mac Studio.

Not only might we discover that the Mac Studio is cheaper in other countries, but you may also be able to benefit from a quirk of the tax system. You know that sales tax you pay on tech in the US? That only applies to residents, and it’s the same in some other countries. If you happen to be in another nation as a tourist, you could avoid paying it or be able to claim it back before you leave. We’ll factor this in as we crunch the numbers.