There’s a good reason that Fitbit has been at the top of the wearables game for years now — there’s an option for just about everyone. Whether you want the fitness tracking Charge 5 or the Sense smartwatch, you’re bound to find a great fit. The next thing you’ll want to do is make your watch stand out from the crowd, and here are the best Fitbit bands to help you do just that.

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We’ll dig into a few top choices for all of the most popular models. A few of our choices will even work for more than one model, like the Fitbit Sense and the Fitbit Versa 3, so let’s get into the options.

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What should you look for?

  • Is the brand trustworthy? If you’ve never heard of a brand before, be sure to check out the reviews. They can help you separate a reliable pick from a sketchy listing.
  • What is the band made of? Materials are key to how durable your band will be. Leather might look great, but it may not hold up to workouts and sweat very well.
  • How will you use it? As the previous answer suggested, you probably won’t want the same watchband for a workout as you would for a night on the town. Consider the differences between rubber, metal, and leather. 
  • What colors can you choose from? It’s always nice to have a watch band that matches your other accessories. Many third-party options allow you to add patterns and new colors to your watch. 
  • What size do you need? Not all wrists are created equal, so make sure you get an option that fits. Adjustable options are the easiest, or you can measure carefully for a well-fitting loop. 

A note about buying third-party accessories

You should always do some research before you buy a new Fitbit band. It’s important to be especially careful with relatively unknown brands because they may not fit as well or last as long. Before you buy an accessory from a brand you’re not familiar with, just be sure to check for the following:

  • Look through owner-submitted reviews on sites like Amazon. What are people saying? Do these quick reviews look legitimate? It’s possible they are paid or sponsored submissions if they are super vague and poorly written.
  • Look for oddities. For example, if the product reviews aren’t actually for the product! This happens a lot with 3rd party accessories from obscure brands. A 5-star review of a protein powder is not what you want to see when trying to buy a premium leather watchband.
  • Familiarize yourself with the return policy of the product. While a lot of products have return periods, some might only have a replacement window, in which case a refund won’t be possible.
  • We’re here to help! Android Authority has literally hundreds of guides to help you navigate through the convoluted world of phone and other device charging accessories. From multi-port wall chargers to numerous power bank categories, we have it all.

The best Fitbit Sense and Versa 3 bands

fitbit sense review design

Credit: Jimmy Westenberg / Android Authority

We mentioned that some Fitbits share the same band sizes, so where better to start than with the Versa 3 and the Fitbit Sense? Both models include a standard silicone band in the box, but that’s not always your best bet for a business meeting or a night out. After all, these are two of Fitbit’s most premium models, and they’re packed with smartwatch features.

We’ve added a link to our overall Fitbit Versa 3 and Sense guide below, but here are just a few of our favorite picks.

Maledan sport band

Product shot of Maledan Sport Bands in black, navy, plum and gray.

Credit: Amazon

The Versa 3 and the Fitbit Sense already come with flexible silicone bands on board, but Maledan is taking it one step further. These sport bands are ultra-affordable at just $11 for a pack of four, and they’re perfect for the weight room. Maledan added a series of holes running the length of the band to both save some weight and add a touch of style. The holes should also allow your wrist to breathe and prevent sweat from building up.

Shangpule metal band

Product shot of a Shangpule metal Fitbit replacement band in black.

Credit: Amazon

Shangpule’s metal band is here for when you need to leave the gym behind. It’s one of the classier-looking bands you can get for Fitbit’s smartwatches, but it still won’t hurt your wallet. You can add and remove links throughout this $15 Fitbit band, making it easy to nail down your perfect fit. The Shangpule metal band is better suited for a night out or an important business meeting than a workout, and you can choose from four metallic hues.

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The best Fitbit Charge 5 bands

fitbit charge 5 steel blue platinum on mans wrist

Credit: Fitbit

Fitbit’s Charge 5 is the newest member of its ever-popular charge family, and it comes with a few key changes. For starters, the body itself is slightly rounder, which means you’ll need a whole new set of bands to upgrade from your Charge 4. The new vibrant display is also twice as bright as the previous model, so you should have no problem checking your steps and calories even on a sunny day.

Right now, the Charge 5 is still in a pre-order phase, but it’s never too early to accessorize. So far, the best options come from Fitbit itself.

Fitbit Horween leather band

fitbit charge 5 horween leather band

Credit: Fitbit

There will eventually be plenty of premium leather bands for the Fitbit Charge 5, but the premium Horween band is currently your best bet. It’s not cheap, but you can choose from Plum or black finishes to match the rest of your gear. Horween’s premium leather design offers a versatile style that you can wear for just about any event. You may not want to wear it for your next workout, but it’s tough to beat a simple leather design.

Fitbit hook & loop band

fitbit charge 5 hook and loop band

Credit: Fitbit

Another option right from Fitbit itself, this Charge 5 band ditches the classic buckle closure for a flexible hook and loop option. There’s no more need to worry about your wrist falling between sizes, and you can choose from small or large versions to fit wrists as large as nine inches around. Fitbit currently offers a Coastal Blue finish or a Charcoal option, each with a heathered pattern.

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The best Fitbit Charge 4 bands

fitbit charge 4 review on wrist 1

The ever-reliable Fitbit Charge 4 may be making its way into retirement, but it’s never too late to change up your look. After all, the watch will probably last for quite a while longer with its multi-day battery and more than 20 workout modes. There’s also a special edition model that includes a woven band in case you want to spice things up.

Fitbit’s Charge 4 has the benefit of age on its side, so there are heaps of bands to sift through. Here are just a few top picks.

Shangpule metal band

fitbit charge 4 shangpule metal

Credit: Amazon

This metal band for the Fitbit Charge 4 fits like a classic watch band — add links to make it longer or take them out to fit smaller wrists. It’s sized to fit everything from the standard Charge 3 and 4 to the Charge 3 SE and Charge 4 SE, too. You can choose from an impressive eight different finishes, and all of Shangpule’s designs are crafted from stainless steel.

Fitbit Horween leather band

fitbit charge 4 horween leather

Credit: Fitbit

The Horween leather partnership didn’t start with the Charge 5. In fact, you can get a nearly identical band for your Fitbit Charge 4 and even the Charge 3. It offers the same minimalist construction with soft Horween leather, and this time you can choose from black or Midnight Blue finishes. Don’t forget that Charge 4 bands will not work with a Charge 5, so make sure you plan to keep your watch for a while before you spend the money.

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The best Fitbit Luxe bands

fitbit luxe review on table watch face display

Credit: Jimmy Westenberg / Android Authority

As the name suggests, the Fitbit Luxe is all about the sleek, stylish approach. It’s one of the smallest and lightest models in the entire family, and you can even spring for a premium gorjana special edition. The Luxe is designed as more of a fashion accessory than a tracking powerhouse, so it might be the best companion for a day back at the office.

You can tap into quite a few luxurious options, but we’ve included a classic silicone pick for the days you need to get a workout in.

Maledan silicone band

fitbit luxe maledan band

Credit: Amazon

The Fitbit Luxe may be designed for high style, but sometimes you just need to add a pop of color. Maledan is back on our list with more flexible silicone Fitbit bands, this time in a six-pack. You can even choose from three different batches of vibrant colors. The silicone sport bands come in two sizes and can fit on wrists from 5.5-inches all the way up to 8.9-inches around.

Fitbit stainless steel mesh band

fitbit luxe steel mesh

Credit: Fitbit

Ever want a suit of chainmail for your wrist? Well, this stainless steel mesh band might not be quite the same, but it’s a stylish way to bring your Luxe into the office. You can choose from either Platinum or Soft Gold finishes, and the mesh should be comfortable against your skin without any pinches or pulls. The band also seals with a magnetic clasp so you can adjust it to any size you might want.

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The best Fitbit Inspire 2 bands

fitbit inspire 2 review fitness tracker display on table 1

Credit: Jimmy Westenberg / Android Authority

The Fitbit Inspire 2 may not be the most exciting option on the table, but that’s where bands come in. You can take the basic, black body and add a pop of color or class with silicone and leather options. It’s the most affordable Fitbit for adults, which makes it a great way to dip a toe into the fitness tracking game.

We’ve also added a unique clip to the list that gives your Fitbit Inspire more of a classic pedometer feel.

Fitbit clip

fitbit inspire clip

Credit: Fitbit

Alright, so our first Fitbit Inspire 2 band isn’t really a watch band. Instead, it brings the Inspire back to more of a traditional pedometer design. The clip makes it easy to attach your tracker in a waistband when you’re off for a run or if you just don’t have much pocket space. It only comes in black, but that helps to make the whole setup even stealthier.

Elobeth leather band

fitbit inspire elobeth

Credit: Amazon

The Inspire 2 isn’t the largest tracker in the Fitbit family, so it only makes sense that the leather bands are slim as well. This option from Elobeth comes in either brown or black, and it’s designed for wrists up to 8.1-inches around. It sports a traditional buckle-style enclosure with stainless steel fittings at either end. You can attach the Elobeth leather band to the original Inspire and Inspire HR, too.

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The best Fitbit Ace 3 bands

fitbit ace 3 best smartwatches for kids

Credit: Fitbit

Who says that fitness trackers are fun for adults only? My family loves to compare step counts to no end, and the Fitbit Ace 3 is a good way to encourage kids to get in on the fun. After all, it’s better to get some time outside than to spend another hour in front of an iPad. The Ace 3 offers plenty of silicone bands that are bright and easy to clean, and there is even a special Minions version if you can’t get enough of those little yellow guys.

Fitbit Minions band

fitbit ace 3 minions

Credit: Fitbit

Parents might be sick of them, but kids still seem to love the Minions. So much so that Fitbit has launched a pair of bands for the kid-friendly Ace 3 themed after the little yellow characters. You can grab either Mischief Black or Despicable Blue versions of the silicone band complete with buckles in a very familiar shade of yellow. The Ace 3 pops in and out of the band’s main compartment, which makes cleanup easier than ever.

RuenTech silicone band

fitbit ace 3 ruentech

Credit: Amazon

RuenTech’s bands follow a similar thread in that they’re easy to keep clean. You can wash the silicone construction with soap and water, and the bands come in large enough packs to rotate throughout the week. If five silicone bands aren’t enough you can always go for the 10-pack, which comes with all-new color combinations. The RuenTech bands fit wrists as small as 4.5-inches all the way up to 7.1 inches.

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