The Telegram icon on an Honor View 20 on a blue background with a cat and a fish.

Credit: Scott Adam Gordon / Android Authority
  • Telegram’s latest update has brought unlimited participants to video-calling and live streams.
  • It also brings improved forwarding controls and the ability to quickly jump to the next unread channel.

The Telegram team has been hard at work on bringing various features to the service in 2021. Some of the more notable features arriving this year include improved video messages, group video calls, Clubhouse-style voice chats, and improved multimedia tools.

The team has just announced another major update, and the headline feature is that you can have unlimited participants when video calling in a group or live-streaming in a channel. Participants can also raise their hand and contribute to the conversation if you allow them to do so.

Telegram flexible forwarding

Credit: Telegram

We’ve also got so-called “flexible forwarding” in Telegram now, allowing you to show/hide the caption and sender before you hit “forward.” The preview window also lets you change the recipient in case you accidentally tapped the wrong chat.

Another notable addition to Telegram this time is the ability to jump to the next channel. More specifically, when scrolling to the end of one channel, a prompt will appear that allows you to swipe up to enter the next unread channel. Scroll to the end of this channel, and the same prompt will appear once again if you’ve got another unread channel waiting for you.

Other notable additions include larger previews for sticker suggestions, new animated emoji, unread comment counters in channels, and trending stickers.