Apple WWDC 2024 apple pay

Credit: Apple
  • Apple Pay is getting a new Tap to Cash feature.
  • You’ll be able to make a payment to another iPhone user by just holding the devices close together.
  • There are other upgrades to Apple Wallet, such as more details on event tickets.

Buried in a slew of announcements at WWDC was a handy new upgrade to Apple Pay. The new Tap to Cash feature lets you transfer money to another Apple Pay user in close proximity without the need to give them any of your details.

To use the new iOS 18 feature, you’ll just have to hold your phone next to the recipient’s device and select the option to send cash. Once confirmed, Apple Cash will charge your account and credit it to that of the friend or family member you’re trying to pay. It’s similar to the AirDrop feature but for money rather than files. This is a utility that Google Wallet is yet to offer.