T Mobile logo on smartphone (2)

Credit: Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority
  • T-Mobile could make a major announcement tomorrow (May 21).
  • It sounds like the company could be bracing for a busy week at its stores.
  • The company hinted at price changes for older plans in a recent earnings call.

It looks like something is afoot at T-Mobile, and it might not necessarily be a good announcement. At least according to chatter online.

Numerous Reddit threads have appeared on the T-Mobile subreddit to discuss a possible announcement or change this week. One apparent employee started a thread to claim that T-Mobile is “approving overtime and extra hours for anyone and everyone” on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. T-Mo Report corroborated claims of increased staffing while asserting that customer support agents have recently been retrained on customer retention. The outlet also reported that store managers or higher-level employees will be required in stores for eight hours each day until Friday.