T Mobile logo on smartphone (1)

Credit: Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority
  • T-Mobile is launching a set of AI-powered tools called Superpowers to improve customer-employee interactions.
  • Tools like GenAI Chat act as an internal expert for employees, while Promo Genius helps find the most suitable promotions for customers.
  • T-Mobile will also begin using predictive tools to anticipate customer needs and potential concerns.

T-Mobile is rolling out some impressive AI-powered tools, hoping to transform customer service within its retail and care channels. Internal documents obtained by The Mobile Report have revealed T-Mobile’s Superpowers project, which uses three core tools to streamline support for both retail stores and customer care channels.

  • GenAI Chat: Think of it as T-Mobile’s own ChatGPT, an always-available expert that can sift through T-Mobile’s vast internal knowledge base resources and help employees who need quick, accurate answers to complex questions and support them during difficult customer conversations.
  • Promo Genius: This tool tackles the challenges of matching the perfect promotion to a customer’s needs. It uses dynamic filters to pinpoint the most relevant and value-focused promotions quickly.
  • Next Best Action (NBA) in Retail: Probably the most impressive feature is the NBA, which is set to debut on May 1. As the name suggests, this system will provide real-time, personalized recommendations for the next best action during a customer interaction, fueled by vast amounts of data points about the customers.

The publication also came across a now-deleted Reddit thread that gave a glimpse into how some employees feel about these new AI tools. While some were excited about the potential to compare device specs easily, others bemoaned outdated information and clunky prompt requirements. Some users also raised concerns about AI being used for employee feedback, suggesting a distrust in whether the technology can replace the nuance of human leadership.