Apple iMessages on iPhone stock photo 4

Credit: Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority
  • The Sunbird app promised to bring iMessage to Android but was discovered to be a security nightmare.
  • The company halted activity for a bit but is now back, rolling out access to its waitlist of over 171,000 users.
  • We advise anyone who added themselves to the list to be wary before trying the “new” Sunbird, at least for now.

In late 2022, we learned about a new Android app called Sunbird. The app promised something that many Android users want, which is the ability to use iMessage on Android. While no company but Apple could ever actually port iMessage to Android, Sunbird claimed to have a simple (and free) way to do it by essentially bridging your messages to a virtual macOS machine. Sunbird got a lot of traction quickly, even seeing its app skinned over as Nothing Chats and included with the Nothing Phone 2.

Unfortunately, the service barely worked and, most importantly, turned out to be a security nightmare. Within just hours of Nothing Chats becoming available, it was removed from the Play Store and disabled on the Nothing Phone 2. Shortly thereafter, Sunbird itself went on hiatus. We covered the whole debacle in detail, if you care to read it.