google pixel fold vs 8 pro

Credit: Rita El Khoury / Android Authority
  • Pixel users have been facing missed calls and delayed texts since the March 2024 update. However, Google has not acknowledged the issue.
  • Other users advise turning off 5G, Wi-Fi calling, and Adaptive Connectivity services as temporary stop-gap solutions until Google addresses the problem.

We’ve been reporting on the network issues that Google Pixel owners have faced since the March 2024 Pixel Feature Update. Users continue to complain that calls on their Pixel 6 series, Pixel 7 series, and Pixel 8 series often go directly to voicemail, especially when the phone is left unused for a while. Texts also aren’t coming through on time, and they are delivered only in batches. A few solutions are floating around from exasperated users, and in the absence of an acknowledgment and solution from Google, you can try these out.

As per comments on a Reddit thread, many users report that turning off 5G on their Pixel smartphone and switching to LTE-only fixes their network issues. To turn off 5G on your Pixel, follow these steps: