a look at a dish

Credit: Andrew Grush / Android Authority

Starlink has changed the game for many of us in remote areas, giving us a true high-speed internet service that blows past every other satellite internet provider out there. The biggest downside is it doesn’t come cheap. We’re not just talking about the $120 or more you’ll pay each month or even the $599 you’ll pay for Starlink Residential or Roam equipment. Did you know you also need to buy Starlink accessories to really make the most of the service? 

Interestingly Starlink doesn’t advertise the need for accessories, or even their existence at all. To buy Starlink accessories, you’ll need to be signed in to a Starlink account first! While I’ve included links to everything, keep in mind they won’t go anywhere unless you’re already on a waiting list or have a Starlink dish heading your way.