Spotify on mobile

Credit: Tech Team / Android Authority
  • Spotify could be getting ready to add lossless audio to the service.
  • Code suggests that lossless audio would appear as part of an optional “Music Pro” add-on.
  • There may also be a headphone optimization feature for specific models

Spotify initially announced it would bring lossless audio to the platform back in 2021. Fast forward to today, and the feature is still absent from the service. However, new strings of code suggest Spotify could be preparing to finally give its users the listening experience that has long been delayed.

A while back, strings of code hinted that Spotify could introduce a new, more expensive subscription tier called “Supremium.” This plan would introduce features such as mixing tools, AI-created playlists, and 24-bit lossless audio. According to Reddit user Hypixely, however, Spotify has since scrubbed any mention of Supremium from the app and replaced it with something called “Music Pro.”