The Spotify Car Thing.

Credit: Spotify
  • Spotify has confirmed it will refund owners of the Car Thing, its discontinued in-car streaming device.
  • The company’s decision to offer refunds follows a wave of backlash from disgruntled users.
  • Car Thing devices will still become unusable from December 9, 2024.

Spotify has confirmed it will issue refunds for its discontinued in-car streaming device, Car Thing. The company announced last week that the device will become non-functional starting December 9, 2024, a decision that will leave many users with bricked gadgets and considerable frustration.

Car Thing, Spotify’s dedicated music streaming device, gained popularity among a dedicated fanbase but was discontinued soon after its launch. Spotify assured users at the time that the device would remain operational, making the news of its impending deactivation in December 2024 even more of a bummer.