Android new logo 1

  • Android has a new 3D-style logo, replacing the flat Bugdroid head introduced in 2019.
  • There is a new font for the wordmark, which also capitalizes the “A” in “Android.”
  • Google has been sneakily using the new logo and wordmark since the beginning of the year but did not make a formal announcement.

Android as an OS has matured a lot over the years. Android’s identity has matured alongside – the logo evolved from a full-size Bugdroid to the Bugdroid head we now associate with Android. The wordmark has also evolved through a few iterations, reaching its easy-to-read avatar in 2019, which we are all familiar with now. Sneakily, Google has updated the Android logo and the wordmark to its 2023 avatar.

9to5Google spotted Google widely using the new Android logo and wordmark without officially announcing the change. The new Bugdroid logo is 3D, thanks to plenty of light and shadow play. In typical Bugdroid fashion, it can be played around with to bring out different versions to suit the subject theme, although the official logo remains the regular green Bugdroid.