Android satellite messaging settings

Credit: Mishaal Rahman / Android Authority
  • SpaceX just crossed a major milestone with its Direct to Cell satellite service.
  • The company demonstrated an unmodified phone making a successful video call with the service.
  • Direct to Cell is expected to launch later this year.

Since 2022, SpaceX has been working on launching a satellite phone service, which is scheduled to roll out in 2024. On that path, it has partnered with T-Mobile and other international carriers to bring the service to customers. Now the company has just passed a major milestone in the service’s development.

On X (formerly Twitter), the Elon Musk-owned entity shared a post with a video. In that video is a SpaceX employee hosting a video call on X with another SpaceX employee. What makes this particularly notable is that the video call is being done on an unmodified phone connected to Direct to Cell, making it the first video call on the service.