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Credit: Joe Hindy / Android Authority
  • South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem signed an executive order to ban TikTok from state-owned devices.
  • Noem says the move is meant to stop China from gaining “intel and influence in our state.”
  • Noem also says that she hopes other states will follow South Dakota’s lead.

The days of government employees using TikTok are over, or at least for state workers in South Dakota to be more precise. Republican Governor Kristi Noem has now banned the app from state-owned devices in her state.

According to Gizmodo, Noem signed an executive order yesterday that bans the popular social app from any state-owned device that can access the internet. The order goes into effect immediately and applies to all South Dakota government workers, including contractors. Government employees won’t be allowed to use or download the app on their phone and are barred from visiting the TikTok website.