Stock photo of Google Bard website on phone 6

Credit: Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority
  • A tweet and news story suggest Google Bard favors iOS over Android.
  • However, we were able to get Bard to say that it prefers Android over iOS.
  • It seems like the order of words in a prompt could affect the answer.

Android versus iOS is one of the most contentious questions in the tech space, as there are hordes of passionate fans on either side of the aisle. Now, a viral tweet has suggested that Google’s Bard chatbot has seemingly taken Apple’s side in this debate. But the truth is more complicated than that, and illustrates the shortcomings of AI chatbots today.

Twitter user Junaid Abdurahman discovered that Bard apparently preferred iOS over Android when the question was posed to it. “Do you prefer iOS or Android?” the user asked, with Bard responding that it preferred Apple’s platform. This resulted in one Apple-focused website declaring that Bard has “picked a winner.”