• A new Android 15 feature could allow you to force some Android games to run at higher than 60fps.
  • Many Android games are locked at a frame rate of 60fps despite display refresh rates going as high as 144Hz.
  • You’ll still be limited by the frame rates your hardware can actually handle.

Android phones with high refresh rate displays are everywhere now, but there are still many games available for the platform that don’t support running at higher than 60fps. There’s a variety of legitimate reasons behind why some developers limit their Android games to 60fps, but not every game will break or run poorly if they’re forced to run at a higher frame rate on some devices. That’s the idea behind a new Android 15 developer feature that lets you disable the default 60fps frame rate limit for games.

With the release of Android 15 Developer Preview 2, Android’s developer options page now has a disable default frame rate for games setting that “disable[s] limiting the maximum frame rate for games at 60Hz.” Android gamers who saw this toggle were excited by the prospect of a feature that would finally let them play their favorite games at their devices’ native refresh rate. Unfortunately, the feature will only work with a rather small number of games.