Sony LinkBuds WF 900

Credit: YouTube
  • Sony today announced the Sony LinkBuds WFL-900 earbuds.
  • The earbuds have a hole to let outside sound in, resulting in an “always-on” listening experience.
  • The LinkBuds will cost $179 and are available now.

With earbuds and other sets of headphones, the whole point is to turn the outside world off. You want to turn off sounds from the outside so you can hear your music, podcast, or phone call as clearly as possible.

However, in our hyper-connected world, multi-tasking is a central aspect of our day. This could make turning the world off less ideal. That’s where the unique new Sony LinkBuds WFL-900 earbuds step in. They represent a new category of “always-on” earbuds designed for you to wear all day. A hole in the earpiece lets outside sound in while a circular speaker around the hole pumps in sound from your phone.