Playing Game Boy Advance emulator game on Android smartwatch

  • A Redditor has paired up an Android-running Apple Watch Ultra clone with a gaming controller in order to run a Game Boy emulator on it to play retro games.
  • This jerry-rigged portable retro console experience is weirdly nostalgic and a breath of fresh air for what the Android platform can achieve.

Android flagships are more than enough for most gaming needs, but some of us yearn for more. You can go down the gaming phone route to get phones specializing in gaming or pair your phone with a game controller for more engaged gameplay. This Redditor is not afraid to go off the beaten route, pairing a smartwatch with a game controller to create a makeshift portable console.

Reddit user R3V3RB_7 strapped an Android-based smartwatch (an Apple Watch Ultra clone that runs full Android and not Wear OS) to a DualSense-like Bluetooth gaming controller (h/t AndroidPolice). They then used the My Boy! GBA emulator app to play Castlevania – Aria of Sorrow on it. The result is a surprisingly convincing portable retro console, complete with the tiny screen experience, albeit with better handheld ergonomics.