• T-Mobile users who upgraded to the latest Android 15 beta have discovered a page that tells them whether their account is eligible for satellite messaging.
  • This page was first spotted in an Android beta release over two months ago, but its rollout to users today confirms the inclusion of satellite messaging support in Android 15.
  • T-Mobile is partnering with Starlink to enable satellite messaging on existing devices.

Satellite connectivity in smartphones has been a hot topic ever since Apple introduced it in the iPhone 14 series. There’s a lot of work that goes into enabling satellite connectivity on a mobile device, which is why progress has been slow on the Android side of things. Fortunately, it’s looking more and more likely that we’ll see phones running Android 15 ship with satellite connectivity support.

In a previous Android beta release, we spotted a hidden satellite messaging page that we believed would tie into T-Mobile and SpaceX’s satellite messaging service. With the release of the second Android 15 beta this week, though, several T-Mobile users have found that this page has gone live for them.