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  • Samsung has showcased its latest stretchable display prototype at a conference in Seoul.
  • The screen can move in tune with the content it’s displaying, providing a 3D representation of a scene.

Display technology has improved in leaps and bounds in recent years, from developing better OLED tech to pushing ever faster refresh rates. However, one big battleground has been the form factor. We’ve seen foldable and scrollable screens. Now, Samsung has unveiled a new stretchable display.

Per a report from Korean outlet ET News, Samsung Display showcased its latest stretchable display prototype, spanning 13 inches. As its title suggests, the screen can stretch and morph to provide a more immersive represent of content on display. In the example given by Samsung of a bubbling lava plume, the screen physically rises and falls, effectively producing a 3D representation of the 2D content on show.

This isn’t Samsung’s first go at a stretchable display. The firm first unveiled its prototype back in 2017. That product spanned 9.1-inches and could be flexed in two directions. Notably, this latest attempt seemingly has a higher resolution and more natural movement.

What’s the point of stretchable displays?

So, where could we find stretchable screens in the future? In 2017, Samsung believed such technology could benefit wearables, IoT devices, automotive, and AI industries. Theoretically, the technology might be a boon for accessibility, providing a more tactile experience for blind phone users. However, this would require a more sensitive and flexible display system. Arguably, a stretchable display could also make for more immersive movie experiences. Software-based 3D was a fad that quickly came and went, but a stretchable OLED could provide actual 3D representation for supported media.

Before we get too ahead of ourselves, Samsung’s stretchable display is still a work in progress, even if the pace of development is quickening. There are plenty of questions surrounding the durability, mobility, and scalability of the technology yet unanswered. Samsung Display more advanced plans for foldable and rollable displays. So expect these form factors to take priority over stretchable displays, at least for now.