Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 closeup cameras

Credit: Ryan Whitwam / Android Authority
  • The Galaxy Z Fold 6 is reportedly using the same camera setup as the Z Fold 5.
  • The Galaxy Z Fold 5 also featured a camera setup that was unchanged from the Z Fold 4.
  • There have been rumors of two separate Z Fold devices coming this year.

Samsung almost single-handedly pioneered the foldable smartphone market, but in recent years, the company has seemingly lost its innovative edge. First-generation foldables like the Google Pixel Fold and OnePlus Open have surpassed Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 5 in critical areas, including camera hardware.

Samsung’s dominance in the foldable smartphone market might be further tested this year, with fresh rumors suggesting that the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 6 could retain the same camera configuration as its predecessor.