Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra 1

Credit: Lanh Nguyen / Android Authority
  • Samsung’s Instant Slo-Mo feature will soon get support for HDR10+.
  • It’s unclear if support will arrive with the next regular software update or the next OS update.
  • Samsung to enhance Galaxy S24’s Instant Slo-Mo feature with HDR10+ support

Samsung introduced Instant Slo-Mo to the Galaxy S24 as one of its many generative AI features. It allows you to instantly slow down any video you’re watching from the gallery by pressing and holding down on the video. Now this feature is about to get support for HDR10+.

Instant Slo-Mo works by using generative AI to create new frames in a video, which are then inserted between the real frames. The result is an artificially extended video with a slow-motion effect applied.