Samsung Multi Foldable

Credit: YouTube
  • There’s a new Samsung foldable prototype on display at IMID 2021.
  • The device folds over twice, unlike foldables we’ve seen already that just fold once.
  • It would likely be years before we’d see this as a real sellable product.

We’re now officially on our third generation of foldable phones from Samsung. However, everything we’ve seen from the company (and its competitors) so far has only folded over once. Why not have two folds?

Samsung appears to have that in the works (h/t SlashGear). A new Samsung foldable prototype is currently on display at IMID 2021 (the International Meeting for Information Displays). You can see the device up above, or check out the YouTube video below:

Unfortunately, the video doesn’t show the device actually folding. However, it’s clear it is based on the design of existing Galaxy Z Fold devices, such as the Galaxy Z Fold 3, so it’s easy enough to use your imagination.

If you’ll remember, Samsung showed off a very early design prototype of this in May. However, that prototype was essentially a mock-up that didn’t actually work. The video above shows this Samsung foldable prototype does, in fact, work, which is major progress in a very short time.

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Samsung is calling this foldable technology “multi-foldable” and is referring to this specific product as the Samsung Flex In & Out. Obviously, that would not be the market name if this ever even makes it to market.

Speaking of which, don’t hold your breath about getting a Samsung foldable phone like this any time soon. It will likely be years before this lands in stores — if it ever does at all.