samsung galaxy a53 game launcher

Credit: Ryan Haines / Android Authority
  • Samsung has rebranded the Game Launcher app on One UI on Samsung Galaxy smartphones to Gaming Hub for mobile.
  • This rebranding brings it closer to the Gaming Hub branding used on Samsung TVs.
  • Samsung also highlights the Instant Plays game streaming service, but this feature has existed for a few years.

Samsung smartphones are really popular across the world. While they aren’t explicitly marketed as gaming smartphones, plenty of them will serve you well enough for both casual and more serious gaming. Samsung has now announced that its Game Launcher app on Galaxy smartphones has been rebranded to Gaming Hub and is using the opportunity to highlight its cloud-gaming-enabled Instant Plays feature once again.

The Game Launcher has long existed on One UI on Galaxy smartphones, serving as a central location where you can access all the games on your phone. It was a bit redundant in functioning, as you could also launch games through their own icons in your standard app launcher. Game Launcher has already included Instant Plays game streaming for a few years now, but Samsung is talking more about the feature at game conferences these days.