Samsung One UI 4

Credit: Samsung
  • Samsung has opened up the One UI 4 beta program for Galaxy S21 devices.
  • It will be available in seven countries at launch.
  • One UI 4 includes new customization and privacy options.

Samsung has launched the highly anticipated One UI 4 beta program. Users can now register to try out the new software on their Samsung Galaxy S21, S21 Plus, and S21 Ultra devices through the Samsung Members App.

One UI 4 is based on Android 12. Samsung says it introduces a number of improved customization and privacy capabilities. The beta program will be available in China, India, Germany, Poland, South Korea, UK, and the US. The release date of the software can vary by each market. However, users in the aforementioned locations can now check the Samsung Members app to sign-up for the beta.

Participants in the One UI 4 beta program will be able to preview the design and new features of the skin. Speaking of, Samsung has detailed some of the new experiences headed to One UI 4.

There’s a big focus on customization this time around. Users will get “a wealth of theme options” that let them adjust the look and functionality of their devices. You’ll be able to personalize things like home screens, icons, notifications, wallpapers, and much more.

Samsung has also redesigned widgets to offer deeper customization — from visibility to appearance. Users also get access to a more diverse array of emojis all in one place, so they can easily navigate their options.

one ui 4 beta emoji

Credit: Samsung

Furthermore, One UI 4 brings some new privacy and protection features to the table. Indicators alert users to app, camera, and microphone usage, a core privacy feature of Android 12. One UI 4 also expands on Android 12’s permission options, allowing users to view their permissions history from the last seven days, not just the last 24 hours. They can also check the current data usage of both their permissions and their apps.

Of course, there will be much more to One UI 4 than what’s mentioned above. We’ll be sure to get you a hands-on with the new software once we get access to it.