samsung galaxy s22 messages app

Credit: Ryan Haines / Android Authority
  • In the past 12 hours, Samsung users have found the native Messages app is constantly crashing.
  • The problem appears to stem from a recent update to Google Meet, which somehow affects Samsung Messages.
  • Disabling or uninstalling Meet temporarily fixes the problem, but Samsung is reportedly working on a true fix.

Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones come with a pre-installed messaging app called Messages. This is different from the Google Messages app that also comes installed on most Galaxy phones (confusing, we know). Although it’s likely the majority of Galaxy phone owners use Google’s app, there are still a lot of folks who prefer Samsung’s. Unfortunately, those folks have been facing a serious problem over the past 12 hours or so.

On Reddit and Samsung’s official forums, users are complaining about constant crashes for the Samsung Messages app. Folks are saying they can open the app and see their list of conversations, but as soon as they try and enter a conversation, the app crashes. Force-closing the app, clearing the cache, restarting the phone, and even entering the phone in Safe Mode doesn’t fix the issue.