Best Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra chargers

Credit: Robert Triggs / Android Authority
  • Samsung is launching a new dual USB-C port fast charger in some European markets.
  • One of the USB-C ports can deliver 50W speeds, while the other is capped at 25W.
  • Using both ports simultaneously limits their output to 25W each.

While the market offers many high-quality, fast chargers to top up the best Samsung phones, there’s always a preference for official first-party solutions. In a bid to catch up, Samsung is set to unveil a new 50W charger, starting with select European markets.

Spotted by industry insider Roland Quandt, this new Samsung 50W Super Fast Charging Adapter (model EP-T5020) utilizes the USB PD PPS protocol. PPS, or Programmable Power Supply, is an intelligent charging standard that precisely controls voltage and current, optimizing speeds while ensuring device safety and compatibility.