samsung galaxy stock photo

Credit: Rita El Khoury / Android Authority
  • Samsung Care Plus subscribers will be eligible for unlimited battery repairs for devices that exhibit a charging capacity below 79%.
  • These battery repairs will be bundled into the existing benefits of Samsung Care Plus and Care Plus with Theft and Loss subscription tiers.
  • The monthly subscription cost of both tiers is also increasing by $2, starting in May.

Good news is coming for Galaxy device owners enrolled in the Samsung Care Plus program. Samsung is revamping its device protection program to offer subscribers unlimited battery repairs starting in May 2024.

Samsung Care Plus is a device protection program offering various plans to safeguard your Galaxy phone or tablet. New Galaxy buyers can sign up for the Care Plus program within 60 days of purchasing an eligible device. It goes beyond the standard manufacturer’s warranty, providing unlimited repairs for drops, spills, and mechanical breakdowns, including $29 screen repairs and even theft coverage (depending on the plan). Plans for Samsung Care Plus range from around $10/month to up to $18/month for 36 months.