Samsung Galaxy A25 5G Leaked Renders 2

Credit: Giznext
  • Renders have leaked for the Samsung Galaxy A25 5G.
  • The renders show a phone with the same design we’ve seen on pretty much every Samsung phone this year.
  • This phone should be relatively inexpensive with low-end specs.

Years ago, you never knew what you would get regarding a Samsung phone’s design. Even during the same release cycle, phones in one line would look drastically different from phones in another. This resulted in some phones being real winners in the design department and others being big losers.

In 2023, though, Samsung has one design and it’s sticking to it. Earlier today, we saw renders leak for the Galaxy S23 FE, and they look exactly like the Galaxy S23, which also looks exactly like the Galaxy A34 5G. Now, we have leaked renders for the Samsung Galaxy A25 5G (via Giznext). And, to the surprise of no one, they look a lot like all those other phones.