Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra camera straight on

Credit: Eric Zeman / Android Authority
  • Samsung is reportedly working on a 576MP camera sensor.
  • The sensor could make its debut as early as 2025.
  • This comes after Samsung spilled plans in 2020 of its 600MP sensor goal.

Samsung has been leading the megapixel wars of late, introducing a new 200MP camera just a few days ago. However, it doesn’t want to stop there. Last year, it announced plans to bring 600MP cameras to market. According to a leaked conference slide (h/t Image Sensors World), that reality might only be a few years away.

According to a slide presented at the SEMI Europe Summit by Samsung’s senior automotive sensor VP, Haechang Lee, Samsung plans to introduce 576MP sensors to the market by 2025. The finer details of this sensor remain unknown, but Samsung had previously earmarked 500MP as the estimated equivalent resolution of the human eye.

samsung image sensors roadmap 2025

Before you get excited about a 600MP sensor in your future flagship, Samsung had previously talked up large sensors for use in automotive applications, virtual reality, and drones. Of course, this isn’t to say we won’t see large megapixel cameras on smartphones in the future. The company’s 200MP HP1 sensor seemed a farfetched concept just a few years ago.

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To that end, Samsung has already started tackling the challenges of a large image sensor on smartphones, from reducing the camera bump to decreasing the sensor’s physical footprint. But with a sensor pulling in that amount of detail, processing power could be the next big hurdle.

Either way, we’re about four years off from meeting the first 576MP camera sensor from Samsung, whatever its application will be. Whether the company can meet this planned date remains to be seen.