Google Pixel 3 on Pixel Stand

  • An unannounced Google Pixel 6 stand could have wireless charging speeds up to 23W.
  • That’s faster wireless charging than what Samsung and Apple offer with any of their devices.
  • Still, it is only half as fast as the speeds we’ve seen from OnePlus and other companies.

It’s been a while since Google launched its first wireless charging stand, the Google Pixel Stand. That device had a max output speed of 10W when it launched alongside the Google Pixel 3 series.

Now, it appears Google could be ready to update that device. According to Android Police, a Google Pixel 6 stand could be in the works. That stand, if it exists, appears to have a charging speed of 23W. That’s a speed increase of more than 100%, which is certainly nice to see.

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Remarkably, this would mean the Google Pixel 6 stand could charge the Pixel 6 phones faster than anything on Samsung’s or Apple’s rosters. Those major brands only offer 15W wireless charging speeds, even on their most expensive flagships.

However, Google would be far from the fastest. The OnePlus 9 Pro is capable of wirelessly charging at a 50W speed with its proprietary charging stand, for example.

Still, it’s nice to see Google might be pushing past Samsung and Apple in at least one spec area. We’ll need to wait for more details on the alleged Google Pixel 6 stand, but it just adds fuel to the fire of excitement people have over these upcoming phones.

The Pixel 6 series could launch in just a few weeks if rumors prove accurate.