ASUS ROG Ally X feature image

Credit: ASUS
  • ASUS has launched its latest handheld gaming PC.
  • The ROG Ally X makes improvements to the battery, storage, RAM, and thermals.
  • The ROG Ally X is available for pre-order for $799.99.

Among the plethora of competitors Valve’s Steam Deck has spawned, the ASUS ROG Ally is arguably its biggest rival. ASUS’s handheld gaming PC is solid hardware, but it’s not without its faults (e.g. battery life, RAM, etc). While we wait for a sequel to the system, ASUS has launched a mid-gen refresh — the ROG Ally X — that brings a few important improvements.


You won’t see any drastic changes here, but there are noticeable differences with the handheld. The most obvious difference is the color, as the ROG Ally X has a black exterior instead of a white one.