Roborock S8 MaxV Ultra Matter connectivity

  • Roborock’s S8 MaxV Ultra becomes the first robot vacuum cleaner with Matter certification.
  • Matter certification guarantees interoperability across various smart home ecosystems, allowing the device to integrate well with the rest of your smart home.
  • The Roborock S8 MaxV Ultra costs $1,800 but has plenty of high-end features.

Robot vacuum cleaners have become an important component of building a smart home as they automate the process of cleaning your home regularly. But most of these robot vacuum cleaners work through their own smart app, making integrating them into your smart home’s automation plans a bit tricky. If you are specifically looking for a robot vacuum cleaner that plays nice with everything else in your home, the newly launched Roborock S8 MaxV Ultra has become the first robot vacuum cleaner to get Matter certification by the Connectivity Standards Alliance.

Matter is a network protocol and an open-source standard that lets accessories work across all major smart home platforms. As long as you have a Matter-enabled controller like a hub or a smart speaker, all your Matter devices will work nicely with each other. This gives you a lot of freedom in choosing the accessories that make up your smart home, as you don’t need to side with any particular smart home platform outside of Matter itself.