Green line issue on Samsung phone

Credit: Harley Maranan / Android Authority
  • Some older Samsung phones, especially from the Galaxy S21 series, are developing a thin green line on their displays.
  • The exact cause is unclear, but it might be a hardware defect potentially worsened by heat from software updates.

Multiple reports are surfacing online about a display issue plaguing some older Samsung Galaxy devices. Dubbed the ‘green line issue,’ it manifests as a slim, vertical green line that disrupts the screen, potentially hampering phone functionality. This problem seems to primarily affect Galaxy S21 series phones, with the Galaxy S21 Ultra and S21 FE models being the most frequently cited.

Some users seem to have encountered the green line randomly, while others are attributing it to software updates or intense usage, like gaming sessions. An X/Twitter user reported noticing the line immediately after installing a software update on their Galaxy S21 FE, while another encountered it after installing the April patch to their Galaxy S21 Ultra (model number SMG998B).