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Credit: Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority
  • On June 12, 2023, a major Reddit protest began.
  • The protest sees over 3,500 subreddits “going dark” to protest new site policies.
  • For at least the next 48 hours, huge chunks of Reddit will not work.

If you opened up Reddit today hoping to see some cute cat photos on r/Aww or to find out some new trivia on r/TodayILearned, you probably faced some problems doing so. Don’t worry; there’s nothing wrong with your phone or computer. Those popular subreddits voluntarily shut down in the form of protest.

Starting today, June 12, 2023, over 3,500 subreddits will “go dark” to protest planned changes to how the site treats third-party developers. In other words, the fact that you can’t access major sections of Reddit is not an accident but very much by design.