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Credit: Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority
  • Reddit CEO Steve Huffman posted a statement on the ongoing controversies surrounding upcoming API changes.
  • The post was also an AMA (ask me anything), but Huffman skipped over many important questions.
  • Notably, Huffman did not acknowledge or even mention the upcoming June 12 blackout protests.

If you frequently use Reddit, it’s been a wild week. First, we found out that some upcoming changes to how Reddit lets developers use its API will kill the most popular third-party Reddit apps. Next, we discovered a continuously expanding set of subreddits that will protest these changes by going dark for 48 hours starting on June 12. Finally, yesterday we found out that three of the most popular third-party Reddit apps — Sync, reddit is fun, and Apollo — will shut down on June 30 and not come back.

Now, today, we have an AMA from Steve Huffman, also known as u/spez. Ostensibly, this AMA from Reddit’s CEO and co-founder should have been an easy way to clear the air on some of the topics users and moderators care most about. However, Huffman and a team of three other Reddit administrators only posted 21 replies to the thousands of questions. Some of those 21 replies weren’t even statements but just clarifications of previous comments or, in one case, simply one hyperlink to another comment.