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Credit: Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority
  • The third-party Reddit app Apollo will shut down on June 30.
  • The developer of Apollo is the person who started the furor over Reddit’s upcoming API changes that threaten all third-party Reddit apps.
  • It appears the developer is not ready to wait to see what happens with the planned protests on June 12.

Last week, app developer Christian Selig created a Reddit post in which he described some huge changes coming to Reddit. In the post, he made it clear that all third-party Reddit apps will face enormous fees for accessing Reddit APIs. The fees were so high that running a third-party Reddit app would be essentially untenable.

Now, Christian’s popular iOS-only Reddit app Apollo will officially shut down in response to the API changes. In a lengthy post on the platform, Selig explains the reasoning behind his decision, some more background on what he tried to do to prevent this from happening, and gives some assurance that he will be fine without the income from the app.