OnePlus Nord 3 Leaked Hands On 9

  • Real-life images of the OnePlus Nord 3 have leaked.
  • The images confirm that the phone is a rebrand of the OnePlus Ace 2V that was launched in China in March 2023.
  • The phone is expected to launch in Europe and India soon.

The OnePlus Nord series is popular in Europe and India, and it’s no surprise that OnePlus is gearing up to add more devices to the lineup. We’re inching closer to the launch of the OnePlus Nord 3, and we now have our first look at real-life images of the Nord 3, confirming its OnePlus Ace 2V rebrand.

Twitter user @realMlgmXyysd shared some hands-on images of the OnePlus Nord 3 alongside photos of its box, charger, and specifications.