google pixel 6 display

  • The Google Pixel 6 smartphones are now on display at the Google Store location in New York City.
  • Both the regular and the Pro model are encased, but visible from outside the store.
  • Pixel 6 billboards are also popping up in a few major cities ahead of the launch.

Google is continuing to promote the launch of its upcoming Pixel 6 phones as more than just another release of a typical smartphone. This week, the official Google store in New York City put up display cases that show off the red-themed Pixel 6 and the gold-themed Pixel 6 Pro.

The images, taken by Reddit members u/ThisGuyRightHer3 and u/rami1190 (via 9to5Google) show the two phones encased in displays that can be seen from outside the store front. That means people who walk past the store can still see the new phones without having to enter the store itself. If you are in New York City, you can check out the display at the Google Store which is inside the former Chelsea Market building.

We have already seen Google release a TV commercial featuring the Pixel 6, and earlier this week, the company’s Japan unit had a unique promotion of giving away 10,000 Google (potato) chip snack bags to emphasize the Pixel 6’s use of its new in-house Tensor processor.

pixel 6 pro billboards

Google is also erecting some old-fashioned billboards to show off the Pixel 6. David Urbanke, a professional photographer, posted on his Twitter page this week that he helped to photograph the Pixel 6 campaign. Billboards with his work are now in place in New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

Google’s early promotion of the Pixel 6 reminds us of how Microsoft promoted the launch of its first Surface tablet, with billboards and other advertisements popping up in major cities weeks before its October 2012 launch date.

Google has still not confirmed any launch date for these phones, other than a vague “fall 2021” timeframe. However, we expect the handsets to go on sale sometime in October.