Rad Power Rad Trike Lifestyle 1

Credit: Rad Power
  • The Rad Power Rad Trike is the company’s newest — and most requested — electric bike.
  • It has a huge payload capacity of 415 pounds and even goes in reverse. It’s designed to be a true car replacement.
  • The Rad Trike is available for pre-order now in the US for $2,499.

For most people, a standard e-bike is going to do them just fine. However, for some folks, a two-wheeled bike just isn’t enough to do what their car does, which prevents them from replacing car rides with e-bike rides.

Well, those people now have a product catered just for them. The new Rad Power Rad Trike is a three-wheeled e-bike that the company says is its most-requested product. It is specifically designed to act as a car-replacement vehicle. Everything about its design screams, “use me instead of your car.”